Friends of the Duckies


Friends of the Duckies

The Blue Heron is a frequent visitor to Tiffany’s pond.


Dinner Time!


Dinner Time!

Close up of the Canadian geese during their dinner time. And what is the delicious entree for this evening? Floating fish pellets! How many geese were invited to this meal? Over 50. The more the merrier!

How Much Feed Do You Get?

Its time to replenish  my feed stock. I need to get 50 pounds of fish food for carp fish. I have about 300 carp in my pond and I make sure to feed them every day! I will need to get 25 pounds of chicken scratch and 50 pounds of cracked corn. That should last for 3 weeks. Now, three little domestic ducks wont go through that much chicken scratch and cracked corn in just a few weeks. The domestic ducks eat about a few tablespoons of food each day. I feed all of the ducks that like to visit my pond. 

We had an unusual migrating goose in our pond this early spring. After identification from studying my Bird Field Guide book, I realized that it was a Snow Goose also known as a Blue Goose. It was quite a rare find for the area that I live in.

I have also seen Mute Swans in my pond. They are so beautiful! Two of them flew into the pond and spent the afternoon there. 

Mostly the wild mallard makes my pond its home from April till October. Every April 1 they arrive and come up to my back door looking for their long awaited dinner of cracked corn. Sometimes they will walk up to the back patio  window and knock on the window with their beaks to let me know they want dinner!